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Step into a world of Dark Romance comics - where forbidden and irresistible love collides with mystery, and every moment pulses with intensity. Experience stories so potent that they refuse to be tamed by the laws of light; where each narrative is a dance between the delicate threads of love and the enticement of the dark side that resides within us all.

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4.8 ⭐

Sham Tycoon

Sophia finds herself ensnared in a cruel ploy when Michael Thompson, her childhood sweetheart, demands her kidney in exchange for marriage. In her desperation and defiance, Sophia rashly marries Lucas Thompson, a man who shares more than a surname with Michael's prominent family. Witness Sophia be consumed by the throes of erotic passion as she starts her married life in bed with her husband’s cousin in this consuming dark romance comic.

"Full of unexpected twists and revelations! Doesn’t get much darker than this” - Kaitlin
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4.3 ⭐

Lure of Luxury

In this steamy dark romance comic, a virgin Audrey surrenders herself to the whims of the mysterious CEO Bill Riley in exchange for money. But as they delve deeper into a world of intense passion, will Audrey be able to extricate herself from the potent grip of unchecked desire? Dark Romance just got darker.

“I love thissssssss” - Jackie
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5.0 ⭐

Curly Payback

After Madison finds her fiancé in bed with her own sister, she disappears; only to return as the sexiest woman ever. All she can cares about now are her one night stands and her revenge plan. But what happens when both intertwine? A must-read dark romance comic for everyone interested in this genre.

”I am loving this story I can't wait for her to find out who her husband is” - Passion
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5.0 ⭐

The Wolf King’s Saga

In this passionate dark romance comic, Olivia finds herself in bed with the King of Werewolves after a painting transports her into Xolier. She can only return to the human realm if she succeeds in seducing the king with the frozen heart.

”Finally! A good shapeshifting dark romance after a long time…” - Grace

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Pizza Shop Exorcist Series

As if paranormal romances weren’t complex and dark enough already, Chris finds herself in the middle of a love quadrilateral with her incubus boyfriend, her vampire boyfriend, and the Demonic Prince who killed her parents!

by Dakota Brown
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Moon Crescent Series

Fagua is sold off for 30 days to not one, not two, but three shapeshifters on the night of her wedding by her husband. As angry as Fagua is with her husband, why does she find herself begging for the three wolves to stay with her after 30 days?

by Sarwah Creed and Arya Karin