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Global Distribution

With a service base of over 120 countries, Dashtoon amplifies your comic’s reach, helping you connect with readers across the globe and significantly expanding your fan base.

Cutting Edge Features

Experience the future of comic reading on mobile with our revolutionary AI-powered content recommendation engine and lightning-fast image loading times leading to a smooth app experience for readers to enjoy their favorite comics.

Explosive Growth

With a large user base, growing 20% month on month, Dashtoon doesn't just promise exposure — it guarantees an expanding audience for your IP. Capitalize on our industry leading monetization metrics and diverse audience.

Innovative Monetization

Harness the power of our unique Dashcash powered micropayments per episode model that encourages daily purchases at a rate of 3.3%, dramatically higher than the typical industry benchmark. This approach ensures a steady income flow and greater earnings potential for your comics.

Global Recognition for Dashtoon

No. 1 in UK

Ranked as the No. 1 Free Comics app on Google Play in the UK as of December 2023

No. 3 in USA & India

Ranked as the No. 3 Free Comics app in the USA and India as of December 2023

Best for Fun App

Recognized as the Best for Fun App by Google Play in 2023

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