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With our DashAuthors Program, we will help you turn your novels into stunning webcomics for our readers across the globe. No costs for you. Competitive royalties.

Authors Program

Perks and benefits

Authors Program

Publish and earn with Dashtoon

Start earning within 6 months when the webcomic adaptation of your novel is launched. Zero cost of production for you. Competitive royalties.

Authors Program

Global Audience and Promotion

Readers across the globe. Your comic will also be promoted across multiple platforms globally.

Authors Program

Production Guarantee

A dedicated professional team of comic writers, graphic artists and marketers will work with you to bring your novel to life through the visual medium of webcomics within 6 months. Production is guaranteed.

Authors Program

Hassle Free Process

We have a simplified process and contract only for digital web comics. No derivative rights involved.

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Getting started
Post contract closure, we will work with you to adapt your novel into a webcomic and it will be published within 6 months
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