The best free AI Image Generator on the web

The best free AI Image Generator on the web
Best free AI Image Generator on the web

Whether you are a budding artist or someone who simply wants to explore the world of AI-generated art, if you've typed "Best Free AI Image Generator" on the web, chances are you've found yourself banging your head against a paywall (yes, despite their claim of being absolutely free!) or getting frustrated because the free AI Image Generator couldn't grasp your vision.

I've been there, too. In this article, I have compiled the ultimate list of best free image AI generator tools. Besides offering efficient user interfaces and quality outputs, every single one of these AI Image Generator Tools are really free. 

1. Dashtoon Studio

If we're talking about THE best free AI Image Generator Tool available on the web, Dashtoon Studio can't be left far behind. This revolutionary platform is the most perfect gateway to transforming your wildest ideas into stunning free AI generated images faster than you can finish reading this blog post.

What's more, with just a few clicks, you can upload an existing image and transform it into an AI masterpiece!

Best Free AI Image Generator Tool - Dashtoon Studio
Best Free AI Image Generator Tool - Dashtoon Studio

Uploaded Photo changed into fantasy AI-generated image using Dashtoon Studio

Dashtoon Studio also eliminates the most persistent complaint artists have about AI art - character inconsistency. Using this free AI Image generator, you can train your characters to maintain a consistent look and style throughout your creations, be it graphic novels or standalone artworks!

The people at Dashtoon understand that inspiration can from any place. You can upload reference images, choose characters from its extensive library, or type in a prompt to generate your free AI images! To top it up, you can also decide the style of your art before it’s made. From the delicate elegance of ‘Oiler’ to the dramatic panache of ‘Manhwa’, Dashtoon Studio caters to all your aesthetic needs. 

Best Free AI Image Generator Tool - Dashtoon Studio
Same character across different styles of Dashtoon Studio

Another stellar feature of this best free AI generator is the ‘live mode’. In this mode, you can draw vague references to your vision, and Dashtoon Studio will interpret them into masterpiece images in real-time.

Here's a short video of how the live mode works:


Live Mode in action

Dashtoon Studio has a YouTube Channel dedicated to helping users get comfortable with generating quality free AI images. Do check them out!

2. ImageFX

Google’s ImageFX was late to the AI art race but still successfully bagged a place in the best AI art generator free list. This platform can produce high-quality images, even on the basis of the simplest of prompts. It can also render things AI finds difficult, such as hands and ears, almost accurately. 

ImageFX also offers a unique feature called expressive chips, where users get dropdown options on defining words of their prompts. You can use these options to modify and visualise your prompts in different ways. 

3. Image Creator (previously: Bing Image Creator) 

Image Creator by Microsoft is a robust and free AI image generator, offering a lot of features for free. It is powered by the DALL-E 3 model, which combines the high-quality work of DALL-E and the easy-to-use interface of Image Creator. It is especially suitable to generate thematic images that will have the same style. As a result, along with personal use, you can also use it to maintain your brand aesthetics.

You can access this platform through its standalone site, Copilot, or Microsoft Edge. However, to access any of these, a Microsoft account is necessary.

4. DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 is another free AI image generator in the world of AI art creation. Developed by OpenAI, which is also the brains behind ChatGPT, DALL-E 3 easily parses complex prompts to create stunning art. The art generated is absolutely unique, as DALL-E 3 refuses to imitate the style of living artists. On top of that, it also strays away from creating any kind of violent, hateful, or triggering content.

But there is a catch. This best free AI art platform is not exactly free. It is integrated with ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20 a month. But one can circumvent this issue with the help of Microsoft Copilot, which lets you access DALL-E 3 with a free Microsoft account.

5. Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI, named after Leonardo Da Vinci, is faring adequately in keeping up with the legacy of its name. The versatile user interface this best free AI Image generator tool provides caters to every creative need of the users. Along with writing your prompt, it offers a robust toolkit where you can decide the dimensions, styles, and number of images on the go. There’s also an option to put in a negative prompt to make the creative process more seamless.

The free tier of Leonardo offers limited tokens to generate images – once you finish the tokens, you can’t create anymore. However, the tokens reset daily, essentially making it free to access and create stunning AI art. 

6. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is the recent addition to the innovative set of applications of Adobe Creative Cloud. The user interface of this best AI art generator free platform is simple yet intuitive, offering tools for prompt generation and image editing.

Sometimes, Firefly can interpret your prompts the wrong way - it’s a hit-and-miss situation. However, its integration with Photoshop more than makes up for it. You will see the hints of this image editor in its vast library of tools, from color adjustment to composition. Beyond all this, the images you generate with Firefly are safe for commercial use. 

It follows a credit-based system and offers as many as 25 credits a month. Otherwise, you can use it through various Creative Cloud subscription plans.

7. Playground AI

Playground AI is another formidable generator available to anyone to use for free. Generating images is a fun process on this platform, as it offers you a variety of styles, filters, and other editing tools. You also get the options of outpainting, inpainting, and image correction. 

Unfortunately, this best free AI art generator has a few limitations. For example, you can create just 100 images per day, with only one image being generated at a time. But these become minor inconveniences in the face of the creative possibilities of Playground AI.

The Final Verdict - Best Free AI Image Generator Tool on the web

AI image generators are now proving to be a boon for everyone, whether you are an artistic soul or a businessman. The best free AI generators compiled above are reliable and efficient platforms bursting with versatile features, each offering unique benefits. The clear winner, though, emerges as Dashtoon Studio with its infinite capabilities and high control over the outcome. It also won't hinder your creativity by pushing hidden charges on you!