The Best Free Comic Book Websites and Apps 2024

The Best Free Comic Book Websites and Apps 2024
Best Free Comic Book Websites and Apps 2024

Let’s be honest here, comic books are expensive. Reading a comic of a mere 20 pages can cost you a lot of bucks, which discourages new and old comic enthusiasts alike. But what if I tell you that you can read comics free online? It is possible, with these best free comic book websites and apps.

Gone are the days when you needed to go to a bookstore and spend money to read comics, only to toss it on your shelf and never touch it again. Because when it comes to these platforms, there are no hidden payments or any limits to what and how you read.

7 Websites and Apps To Read Comic Books Online Free


read free comics online - Dashtoon
Snippet of Dashtoon Library

Dashtoon is a fairly new addition to the list of platforms that allow you to read free comics online, but it deserves first place for a variety of reasons! The comics you will find here are original titles spread across varied genres. For romance lovers, comics like Roses & Revenge and A Twist in Our Stars are perfect. For all you crime and mystery enthusiasts, I cannot recommend Heaven of the Damned and Rumor Agency enough. There’s even something for the Fantasy lover in you - Heir of the Mystic 8!

The Dashtoon app is a no-fuss platform that lets you read comics in the most convenient and easy format. The app allows you to read webcomics without having to zoom in to read the entire frame because their webcomics are specially designed for mobile!

read comics free online - Dashtoon
Snippet from Roses and Revenge

Their UI is really easy to navigate - you can search for specific shows or engage in a broad genre-based search. One of the most intriguing and novel features of the Dashtoon App is that you can chat with the popular characters from their comics. If that’s not exciting, what is?!

read free comics online - Dashtoon
Chat with Characters from popular Dashtoon shows!

You can read the first ten episodes of any comic for free. As for the rest, you can unlock a limited number of chapters every day by watching ads, in addition to one free daily episode for each show. 

Of course, if curiosity gets the better of you (and I’m not ashamed to admit that it did for me!), you can unlock more episodes of the show using Dash coins.

There are many more features, but it’d just be easier if you downloaded the app and got to reading!


read comic books online free

Ever since its launch in 2014, Webtoon has gone on to become almost synonymous with webcomics. That’s because it was successful in revolutionizing the way people can access and read comics. Not only is it easy to navigate, but it also lets you read comics online for free. 

Webtoon doesn’t have the usual selection of popular comics. But what it does offer is an extensive library of more than a million original titles. Horror comics like Hellbound and All of Us are Dead, and romances like True Beauty and Our Beloved Summer have been adapted for the screen. Many of these comics can ask you to pay to read new entries, but the rest are free to scroll through.  


read comics online free

With a curated selection of top-tier comic titles, Viz happens to be one of the best site to read comics online free! Here, you will find a mix of original titles but it is definitely more popular for the manga it offers, including Naruto, Spy X Family, and My Hero Academia. These and many such titles are available on Viz due to its partnership with the Shonen Jump Anthology. In fact, if you are a Shonen Jump member, you can even unlock up to 100 chapters of iconic shows daily.

You can find new shoes based on your interests, by checking which are free or even hopping over the staff favorites section. Accessing the full library of comics will cost you a small sum per month. Till then, you can peek into the world of manga through its free chapters.  


read free comics online

Hoopla is a digital library, where you can have access to audiobooks, novels, and, more importantly, comics. You will need your local library card to log in, as the platform works on a borrowing basis. Here, your library will keep track of your borrows while you download, read, and return the comics.

Hoopla’s comic catalog is extensive, where you can read new issues of indie comics as well as popular series like Invincible and Y the Last Man. It even offers Marvel and DC comic books, but those are available only through trade collection.

Hoopla lets you read comics online for free, so, if you don’t have a library card, it’s time you get one!

Dark Horse Comics

read comics online for free

Dark Horse Comics is a renowned comic book and manga publisher with Hellboy, Umbrella Academy, and Avatar: The Last Airbender under its belt. The platform is a treasure trove of comics where you can shop for popular and new yet sensational titles.

However, if you navigate to the free section of the website, you’ll see more than a hundred books all free to read! You can read on the browser or just download your favorite comics to read offline. The only little issue? You must create an account to read and download the comics. Fortunately, the process to read comics free online here is easy and free!

best site to read comics online free

Just the word Marvel is enough to paint the picture of a legendary presence in the comic world. And when you hear that the website also offers free comics? Sign me up! Apart from editorials and features on the superheroes, the website also offers free comics for keen readers. These include earlier issues of Hero Project, Loki, Spiderman, and even Black Panther!

The catalog of Marvel contains 30,000 comics covering every corner of the Marvel Universe. Thus, before you decide to pay for these, you can read free comics online to find out what awaits you beyond that subscription!

DC Universe Infinite

Last, but not the least, we turn our attention to the home of iconic superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. That’s right! DC Comics is also in the race through their platform called DC Universe Infinite.

Admittedly, you need a membership to gain access to DC comics here. But there is a loophole in the form of Free Comic Book Day issues. While you can read a limited number of comics under this section, these titles are ever-changing and certainly worth checking out. You can also go for the seven-day trial to read comic online free and get the full DC Universe experience.

The Final Verdict - The best free comic book website and app 2024

Comics truly are a gateway to escaping your mundane reality. That gateway becomes all the more appealing when these websites and apps let you access comics for free! While all of them offer a rich selection, Dashtoon is the only platform that provides an unparalleled experience of reading comics, with its fascinating visuals, ease of reading, and exciting stories. So, what are you waiting for?